Top 10 Caffeine Health Benefits

Most people have the wrong idea that caffeine is a very bad substance for the health. Although it is not recommended to have too much caffeine – just like we should not have too much of anything – the substance is still something that can and should be consumed on a daily basis. Let’s take a look at the top 10 caffeine health benefits and understand why we should always have some caffeine running in our bodies.

Top 10 reasons for you to always have caffeine!

1- Caffeine helps you improve your memory – Researchers studied the effects of caffeine in the organism of Japanese people. It turns out that the results show that those who drink more caffeine had their memory abilities increased! 200 mg of caffeine per day will already do the trick!

2- Caffeine combined with carbs help those who want to build muscle – If you are a gym lover you probably have already noticed that some supplements for performance come with caffeine. It happens because when carbs and caffeine get combined the body will not only have a boost of energy but also help you after the exercise.

3- Caffeine helps the liver – caffeine is a great helper when it comes to maintaining the liver healthy.

4- Caffeine is a great friend for the colon. – Several people all over the world feel much better thanks to caffeine enema. In this link you will be able to read everything related to caffeine enema as well as learn the best and safest techniques to try it.

5- If you need to be alert have caffeine – Most people say that before a long drive the best thing to do is sleep at least 8 hours. In fact sleeping is good however taking 200mg of caffeine is even better. Have coffee before driving, it will be of great help!

6- Have your hair shine – caffeine helps men and women increase their hair growth. This is great news for the bald who would like to grow some hair! The rates can be increased to as high as 48% of chances of improvement.

7- Caffeine and dopamine – caffeine increases the amount of dopamine in the body, helping those who have depression feel less depressed.

8- Keep your eyes always safe with caffeine – caffeine can help people prevent eyelid spasms as well as reduce the chances of ever getting cataracts. More detailed information can be found here.

9- Men who drink more coffee have extra sperm – If you would like to have a baby then drink coffee! Jokes aside, studies have shown that men that constantly have coffee had more sperm when compared to those who do not drink.


10- Have all of the bad thoughts away from you! – Caffeine helps people who have suicidal tendencies to stop and do the right thing: stay alert and enjoy this life!

Therefore caffeine has so many pros that it basically impossible to resist! You can have caffeine in your morning coffee, on a chocolate bar or even while you drink some energy drink! Check the following link for extra information on some of the great coffee range in tastes and price for the single serve coffee market, in particular Keurig coffee pods, a product we do enjoy using now days – rather worrying about grinding our own.

February 12, 2014

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