Find out the difference between gourmet coffee blends and single origin coffees

These two very interesting types of coffee are often mixed up. Gourmet coffee blends are different from single origin coffees. Although the names seem to mean the very same, they are totally different. Continue reading to find out the main differences and learn which one is what.

However, before we get to those differences, we would like to mention the importance of the quality of the coffee, the cleaning and maintenance of your coffee gear and the quality of the water used. These three factors really do make a difference in how good your coffee drink is going to taste.

Understand the differences.

Gourmet coffee blends

As the name already suggests the gourmet coffee blends mixes the best of different beans to make a unique combination that is of quality. The price is slightly lower, which calls the attention of those who would like to have quality and good price combined in the very same item. In fact it is very common to see people criticizing such variety because they believe the quality is not very good. In fact there are some brands that only have a little bit of high quality beans added to a large amount of poorer quality beans, however this is not the rule for the gourmet coffee blend and its varieties.


• Good quality and very affordable price

• Quality

• Lots of variety

• Varieties that come from all over the world and that are mixed among each other (you can have Colombian mixed with Brazilian for instance)

• There are some companies that add low quality beans to a little amount of high quality, having as a result a low quality products for a higher price.

Single origin coffees

These come from a single country. For example a single origin coffee brand may come from Brazil, or even from Africa. There are several different countries that dedicate part of their farms to producing coffee.

In fact, now single origin coffee is getting to a point that it could be compared to wine; some small farms or even smaller areas of the country are being highlighted for their exclusive coffee. Although this is not quality guarantee it is fun finding coffee from all over the world and even from the farthest regions of the planet. Although this might sound like a very interesting adventure it can cost you much more than your average supermarket coffee.


• Exclusivity

• Quality (it’s important to be drinking the better coffee so as to maximize the health benefits derived from it)

• Varieties that come from all over the world and sometimes come in exclusive batches

• Usually very expensive

• There is absolutely no quality guarantee that the coffee is very good and that it was not mixed with lower quality beans along the way

The bottom line: gourmet coffee or the single origin coffee?


It is simply impossible to answer such question, after all it depends on the person’s taste and also budget. If you are looking for something cheaper than gourmet, however if you are looking forward to trying different origin coffee then the best option for you is to have the single origin variety and end up spending some more on your purchases.

If you would like to know more about these two varieties as well as its details make sure you go online and take a look at the following link: You will certainly feel delighted to know more about one of the most delicious drinks of the whole world.

February 12, 2014

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