Decaffeinated Coffee

When decaffeinated coffee first came out I just didn’t like the taste, or at least thought I didn’t like it. However, now I know that in some cases decaffeinated coffee is ok. I think I’m like most Americans, I want and appreciate a good cup of coffee in the morning, (I’m not sure that I want a cup of decaffeinated coffee). But, actually, I appreciate a good cup of coffee at any time of the day and sometimes I even find myself wanting the taste coffee in the evening, especially after dinner. Oh, you might like to check our another of our articles actually looking into the health benefits that have been associated with caffeine … click here for more details.

I guess it depends on how your body reacts to caffeine that will determine whether you can drink coffee at night or if it will keep you up until all hours, staring at the clock and unable to fall asleep.

As bad as I hate it, I guess I fall into the second group. I am very sensitive to caffeine, and even a caffeinated soda can keep me up for hours past my bedtime if I drink it in the evening. So this is why I always keep decaffeinated coffee in my house. Its there for the after dinner coffee emergency, I can make myself a pot of coffee without worrying about being up all night.

Dunkin Donuts, (a really great place), that’s my backup for the times I’m out of decaffeinated coffee and think I really need that evening cup of coffee. Their decaffeinated coffee tastes exactly like their regular coffee, so other than the fact that’s it’s not loaded with caffeine and will do anything to excite my nervous system, it tastes great.

I’ve even ventured into iced decaffeinated coffee when it’s too hot to drink regular coffee and I want something good to drink at night. Did you ever wonder what caffeine is? It’s a naturally occurring molecule in coffee beans and I’m not really sure about what the process for removing it entails. I have envisioned a huge sieve-like contraption set up with filters that will grab the caffeine so that it is removed from the liquid.

Yea, I know that sounds unlikely since you can buy the beans and grind them up. So it must be a process that happens to the whole coffee bean and not just the liquid. But whatever the case, decaffeinated coffee is the perfect solution for someone like me who really enjoys the flavor of coffee but starts bouncing off the walls when I drink the fully caffeinated variety.

Because the taste of regular coffee and decaffeinated coffee is so similar that I sometimes worry when I go to a coffee shop and ask for a decaf. I’m afraid that they may give me regular by mistake. That is why I try to have a supply of my own decaffeinated coffee at home. That way I can eliminate this potential for human error that will destroy my sleep at night.

I also worry sometimes that when I need a regular coffee in the morning to wake up that the barista at Starbucks will mistakenly give me decaf, and then I’ve spent a whole four dollars on something that is supposed to wake me up, but is about as effectively as a glass of water.


Whatever the case, I love coffee. My wife says I drink too much. But I just read the other day that some new medical findings say that coffee is good for the system. However, just in case they might be wrong, I’ll try to drink a little more decaffeinated coffee instead of the regular. By the way they have some great buys on the internet, for both the decaf and the regular.

If you would like to read further about decaffinated coffee and other health issues and benefits about coffee, follow this link:

February 24, 2014

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